Welcome to St Joseph’s Primary School

Welcome to St Joseph’s Primary School community website. We are a Catholic primary school catering to all K-6 students in the Wee Waa district and have a strong history of education in the Namoi Valley area.

St Joseph’s Primary School was founded by the Religious Order, Sisters of St Joseph, in 1909. This order, founded by Saint Mary MacKillop, opened schools in rural areas to assist those in isolated regions to have a quality education. They also embraced a sense of sustainability, respect for the environment, and the cultures of Australia’s First Peoples and established schools in areas that incorporated local customs and taught students in their traditional ways.

At St Joseph’s Primary School Wee Waa, we strive to provide a quality education that supports our founders’ vision. We have high expectations of our students where we encourage creativity, a sense of faith, and respect for our local cultures and environment.

Our vision is  “To be a Beacon of Learning, Faith, and Community for all children of the Wee Waa district.” Therefore, we are a school community that cares for the individual needs of students and families. We have a whole school approach to meeting the academic needs of students through the use of proven teaching programs and methods; finally, we meet the emotional and social needs of students thanks to our dedicated staff and the wider diocesan student support team.

I hope you enjoy looking through our website and our social media pages. If you have any questions about our school, or you would like to have a walkthrough or enrol, please contact us on 02 6795 4038 or weeadmin@arm.catholic.edu.au.

Kind regards,

Alistair Stewart