The first classes were held in the original church, situated between the present church and the presbytery. On May 2nd, 1909, whilst Bishop O’Connor was visiting the parish, tenders were called for the erection of a school. The school was opened in 1910. Bishop O’Connor officially blessed both the new convent and the school in May 1911. In 1916 there were 12 boarders, 112 pupils, 30 music pupils, and 4 sisters.

In 1969, after Fr Foley initiated plans for building the new school, new Parish Priest, Fr Stan Campbell, set the wheels in motion. A committee of five was formed and was supported by the parishioners. The committee members each donated one hundred acres of wheat to begin the money-raising campaign, and other parishioners then came forward with whatever support they were able to give. Bishop Henry Kennedy, on his first official visitation as Bishop of Armidale, blessed and opened the new St Joseph’s School on April 30th, 1972.